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Hotel Website ADA Compliance & Lawsuits

Web accessibility is crucial for hotels looking to offer a quality experience for their guests. International tourism grew a remarkable 7% to reach a total of 1,322 million travelers, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s, UNWTO, World Tourism...

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ADA Website Accessibility

Digital accessibility and compliance is something that you need to consider for your B2B website. An ADA compliant website ensures that your business is more readily accessed by other businesses. Though at the heart of it lies the idea of...

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Ecommerce Website Accessibility & Lawsuits

Website accessibility and ADA compliance is of utmost importance for ecommerce websites. Having an ADA compliant website could significantly increase your web traffic and boost your SEO efforts allowing you to reach a wider audience. Allowing potential customers to have...

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Web Accessibility Compliance

If you’ve heard of the WCAG, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, you may also know the name Sir Tim Berners Lee because he invented the World Wide Web in 1989 and is the director of W3C. The World Wide Web Consortium...

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Importance Of Web Accessibility

A majority of people in the world today live their lives and conduct business online every day. It’s important as a business owner for your website to function in the way it’s meant to for all the types of users...

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