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WCAG 2.1

  The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) update 2.1 includes important recommendations for improving web accessibility. WCAG 2.1 does not replace WCAG 2.0 but rather amends it to include considerations of new criteria. These amendments aim to build upon the...

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Why Is Web Accessibility Important For Business

  We'll Likely All Need Accommodation at Some Point   At some time, most of the human population will probably rely on accessibility basics in order to perform basic tasks-- and yes, searching the web and interacting with online marketing...

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Web Accessibility Statistics

Equal access to all Internet users, regardless of whether they have a disability, has been a divisive issue since the advent of the World Wide Web. Accessibility-related litigation has exploded in recent years, and it looks like that trend will...

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Web Accessibility Lawsuits

  Title III  of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that Brick and Mortar businesses allow  "full and equal enjoyment" of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations that the businesses provide uniformly to everyone.   Historically, ADA litigations have...

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Importance of ADA Compliance for Social Media Platforms

  Most individuals believe that optimization for accessibility is an aspect that affects websites only, but that is not the case. Your social platform should be accessible, and you can achieve that by embracing an inclusive social media design. Inclusivity...

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