Why Is Web Accessibility Important For Business


We’ll Likely All Need Accommodation at Some Point  

At some time, most of the human population will probably rely on accessibility basics in order to perform basic tasks– and yes, searching the web and interacting with online marketing are included in those tasks.


Even those of us who are fortunate enough not to need accommodation can benefit from many accessibility cornerstones. Larger fonts, clearer colors, and voice-search optimization make content more digestible for everyone. Your consumers don’t need to have disabilities in order to benefit from accommodation, but those who need it will have it, and the rest of your audience will reap the rewards as well.


Almost twenty percent of the population is permanently disabled in some way. With medical and technological advancements increasing the human lifespan at a staggering rate, it follows that more and more individuals will come to rely on web accessibility to navigate the Internet. Even those suffering from temporary disabilities may not be able to navigate traditionally-presented content.


Market thoughtfully– you never know who might be interested in what you’re selling.


A PR Dream  

In the business world, not all press is good press. Good press is good press, and that’s about where the saying ends.


One surefire way to ensure good press is to create accessible content. It shows that your organization is vested in the wellbeing of all of their users; doing the right thing and being aggressive in those efforts can make all the difference in the way your business is recognized by others.


When you put out accessible content for everybody to enjoy and interact with, you help contribute to a broader culture of accommodation and inclusivity that’s crucial to the wellbeing of disabled individuals worldwide. It might seem like a small effort to make changes to your website or shift the way you market, but you’ll be impacting far more people than you know– and the recognition you receive for is tremendously beneficial to any business.


Greater Accessibility Equals Increased Web Traffic  

Think logically: the more people who can access your content, the more people who will access your content.


This is for a number of reasons. Increased attention from positive PR might drive web traffic, and so might outwardly-obvious accessible services you offer on your website, but search engines love accessible content, too. With so many marketers hopping on the SEO bandwagon and beginning to optimize their websites, working accommodation into your webpages is one of the few ways left to gain some ground in the race for popularity.


Search engines can’t tell what images or videos portray; they can only read the text. When you include thorough descriptions of the images on your website in hopes of helping your blind audience, for example, you’re also upping the chances of your company appearing in search results.


Avoiding Legal Risks

A legal nightmare is a surefire way to kill your business’ reputation, suck up valuable funds, and demoralize your team.


Luckily, you can easily avoid legal troubles regarding accessibility by working accommodations into your website. You can dodge increasingly-common lawsuits and come out ahead of your peers if you put in the work on the ground level to create content that’s accessible to everybody. Your audience wants to remain your audience; and if they can’t due to lack of accommodation, you may find yourself in quicksand.


Creating a website that’s accessible to everyone doesn’t just help potential clients– it helps your business. Taking the strides to implement accessibility features opens up a client-base that you would be unable to reach otherwise. If you want to delve into the world of opportunities that web accessibility affords, take a look at our website today. At MAB ventures, we’re committed to a digital marketing strategy that’s inclusive and beneficial for everybody.